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Property Maintenance

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Slate Roofing Services

We work with every kind of slate, from natural slate such as Bangor Blues, Spanish, Brazillian to Chinese and all carbon cement fibre slates. From repairs to large jobs, we will do any shape or size of roof, nothing scares us.

Lead Work

We do all kinds of lead work, from flashing to valleys, trofts, gullies and bay windows to chimney repairs. We are also using a product at the moment for Goverment buildings and commercial, it is a lead substitute called ubiflex – you get twice as much from your money than lead. The beauty of it is that it is unattractive to thieves.

Chimney Repair & Removal

We specialise in chimney repair and removal. Most chimneys before the 1970s would not have had a lead tray, we can repair these older chimneys using several different methods, or we can bring the chimney down two brick high and put a lead tray in enabling us to rebuild it.


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Rubberbond and EPDM roofs

Rubberbond EPDM is the ideal product for any new build or refurbishment flat roofing project. This fleece-backed material can be used in conjunction with cold or warm flat roof deck. The Rubberbond EPDM Flat Roofing System has proven longevity; with commercial and industrial installations dating back 50 years, installed in some of the most extreme climates throughout the world. This unique flat roofing system is now available to protect your home

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