We work with every kind of slate, from natural slate such as Bangor Blues, Spanish, Brazillian to Chinese and all carbon cement fibre slates. From repairs to large jobs, we will do any shape or size of roof, nothing scares us. All work guaranteed, old and new. Free quotations.


We work with all kinds of tiles, shapes and sizes such as Redland, Lagan, Quinn, Ballymena and many more. Again, we will tackle any shape or size of roof and give advice on the best product to buy for your budget concerning that particular job. All work guaranteed, old and new.

Lead Work

We do all kinds of lead work, from flashing to valleys, trofts, gullies and bay windows to chimney repairs. We are also using a product at the moment for Goverment buildings and commercial, it is a lead substitute called ubiflex - you get twice as much from your money than lead. The beauty of it is that it is unattractive to thieves.

Flat Roofing

Torch on bitchemin felt, we do old and new work from flat roofing to roofs with slight pitch. Comes in handy for a cheap and quick repair. We also strip and redo ply wood for the bitchemin roll torched on

Chimney Repair and Removal

We specialise in chimney repair and removal. Most chimneys before the 1970s would not have had a lead tray, we can repair these older chimneys using several different methods, or we can bring the chimney down two brick high and put a lead tray in enabling us to rebuild it.

Installation and Removal

We deal in the removal and installation of velux and keylite windows - speedy and tidily, from many different shapes, sizes and electricals. A lot of homes have problems with their chimneys, so if repainting and leading doesn't work, why not have it removed? We even have a large range of installing roofs from king span, super quit to mack wood. And, if you're roof is 'sweating' condensation we'll give you advice on what ventallation system to use.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

We offer a roof cleaning service, starting from £200 if the tiles/slates are under 10 years old - will come up next to new even if the tiles/slates are older. You should still get this done as it prolongs your roof span and clears the roof of moss and grime using our amazing chemical. We also have a deal on cleaning gutters on their own.

General Internal and External Maintenance

Although we specialize in roofing, we also have a maintenance service. When you have been in the building game as long as we have, you learn a variety of skills, so why not call us for a quote. From cleaning up your garden, painting fencing/decking, power hosing, cutting grass/hedges to many other categories. We offer discoutned rates to landlords and property management companies, insurance work is also welcome.

Reclamation, salvage and dismantling